Accounting – Tax Planning

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Accounting Looking Forward

We are accounting experts for retirement planning. Where most acccounting firms do accounting and tax form preparation for their customers, that is just where we start.

Why Work With Decision Tree Financial as Your Accounting Firm?

We understand YOU are the “Chief Executive Officer” of your home. Decision Tree Financial’s role is to partner with you and act as your “Chief Financial Officer” in order to help you make the best financial decisions possible.

As your tax advisory firm, we can do everything you would expect from an accounting firm. We do the basics such as prepare:

  • Personal Tax Forms and Schedules
    • 1040’s
  • Business Tax Forms
    • 1120’s, 941’s
  • Payroll
  • Book Keeping Services

In addition, many of our tax clients participate in our Wealth Performance and Protection System ™” which takes a comprehensive approach to your personal tax situation while considering your other financial needs such as:

  • Retirement Income Efficiency in Retirement
  • Retirement Spending Plans
  • Estate and Charitable Goals
  • Legal Concerns and Consideration in Retirment
  • Investment Cost and Risk Profile During Retirement
  • Insurance and Asset Protection Needed in Retirement

Our goal is to help you become as financially successful as possible by taking advantage of everything you have available so that you can achieve maximum enjoyment in retirement. You have worked to hard to settle for anything less!

Contact Us here to discuss your situation and see how we can help you.