INSURANCE by Decision Tree Financial

Peace of Mind Knowing You’re Covered Without the Worry You Are Paying Too Much

What Can Insurance Help You Protect?

Life is full of risks. Some are avoidable; some are not. Insurance is designed to protect you from those unavoidable risks that could devastate you financially.

We understand you want insurance because it gives you the security knowing if one of these unavoidable and undesirable event were to occur in your life, you will not struggle with money or be forced to start over. 

life insurance Decision Tree Financial

We also understand that you want your insurance coverage from a company that is financially strong at the lowest possible cost. When you buy an insurance policy, you buy a contract hiring the insurance company to ‘have your back’ financially and provide cash to indemnify you if a covered event occurs.

At Decision Tree Financial, we are an independent insurance brokerage that represents 100’s of highly rated insurance companies that offer many different lines of insurance coverage. That means we have represent you to help find the right coverage, at the lowest possible cost. Our job is to help you understand the insurance coverages you should own, find the best policy for you and help you buy it so you can have the peace of mind knowing if anything happens you won’t have to worry about money.

Decision Tree Financial Offers The Following Insurance Coverages:

Protection for many of life’s risks. The death benefit can be used for estate planning, business succession, and charitable giving. The cash value can be used for wealth building, safety of principal, and tax-free cash flow.

Protection that provides financial support for hospitals, drugs, surgery and more. Affordable Care Plans, Private Insurance Plans and Short Term Medical.

Government sponsored health insurance for people 65 and older or receiiving Social Security Disability. Enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan (Medicare Part C), Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare Part D) and Medicare Supplement Plan.

Stop worrying about your Medicare Decision! We can tell you exactly what the best course of action is when it comes to your Medicare choices so you can avoid costly mistakes and have the best health insurance plan you can when you are eligible for Medicare coverage!

protection for individuals in case of a disability that renders them unable to work used to help replace lost income, cover ongoing expenses, and protect businesses from financial losses due to a disability.

Coverage that provides financial support for individuals who lose their ability to fully care for themselves due to a chronic health condition.

Personal property and casualty insurance covers physical damage to property such as homes, cars, and boats, as well as liability for accidents.

Coverage for workers’ compensation, general liability, commercial property, and other types of insurance that are necessary to protect the assets and operations of a business.