Disability Insurance


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What is Disability Insurance?

Disability Insurance is an insurance policy designed to provide a financial benefit to the policy owner if an insured individual suffers from a qualified injury or illness. Disability insurance can replace an individual’s income, pay the expenses of a business and even provide for a lump-sum benefit to provide compensation to a business when a key individual is no longer able to work.

Why You Want Disability Insurance

If you want to know why you would want to invest in disability income protection, all you need to do is imagine “what would happen if a disability were to strike me?” We realize this is something nobody wants to think about but the fact is a disability can strike anybody at any time preventing them from working the way they did before. If you are the one who is disabled, it jeopardizes you and your family’s financial future. If you are a business owner, a disability to you or a key person can destroy your businesses profitability or even end its ability to be a going concern. The threat of disability is a serious risk and because of that, there is disability insurance.

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Types of Disability Coverage We Offer

DI coverage that provides benefits after 90 days of disability and can last from 2 years or until full retirement age. We consider these policies to be one of the most important insurance coverages you should own.

Disability insurance is a big part of a comprehensive group benefits plan. Find out how we can help you implement, enroll and manage your group benefit program.

DI coverage that reimburses a business for overhead expenses in the event the business owner becomes disabled.

Provides a lump-sum benefit to fund a buy-sell agreement in the event a business partner remains disabled for 12-24 months.

DI coverage for situations that are unique and difficult to insure through traditional methods.

Provides a lump-sum cash benefit that can be used for anything from paying for medical care, food or even travel in the event an insured experiences a heart attach, stroke or cancer.

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