Disability Buy Sell Insurance



Disability buy-sell insurance provides a lump sum benefit to a business or it’s partners in order to fund a buy-sell agreement in the event of a long-term disability of another owner.

Disability buy-out insurance is an economical and well-thought-out approach to implementing disability buyout trigger in a buy-sell agreement. 

Disability buy-out insurance is the superior business strategy when compared to the uncertainty of other options such as:

    • Depleting savings
    • Drawing from future earnings
    • Taking out business loans
    • Attempting to continue to pay a disabled partner no longer active in the business with company profits

Why You Want Disability buy-out insurance:

At this critical time in the life of the business and its owners, the disability buy-out insurance shifts the burden of funding the buy-out contract from the individual business owners and the business to the insurance company. Moreover, it also help in the following: 

    • Provide cash after a disability lasts one-year or more
    • Cash can be used to execute buy-sell agreement
    • Premiums are guaranteed, predictable, and planned
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