Because You Understand the Importance of Protecting Your Ability to Earn a Living

What is Individual Long-Term Disability Insurance?

Individual long-term disability insurance coverage provides monthly income replacement benefits to an insured individual if they suffer from a qualifying disability and are unable to work. The income from an individual disability insurance policy can replace Millions of Dollars of lost wages if a disability occurs!

Why You Want To Own Individual Long-Term Disability Insurance

Imagine suffering a disabling injury or illness causing you to lose the ability to work and earn a living. The financial consequences of losing income for just year can be devastating to a households finances and disabilities that prevent people from working at full capacity can last the rest of one’s life. We understand that thinking about this isn’t fun, but we also know not having a personal long-term disability insurance policy in place if you need it is unimaginably worse.

We take pride in helping people buy the best individual long-term disability policy they are eligible for to protect their income. We believe that insuring the risk of losing your ability to earn a living with a long-term disability insurance income policy is the foundation of a strong financial plan because without income and cash flow, everything else falls apart.

How Much Individual Long-Term Disability Insurance Can You Buy?

Long-term disability insurance can replace up to 100% of your income if you suffer a catastrophic illness or injury. Decision Tree Financial will help you find the best policy from a top disability insurance company in order to get you the coverage you want.

What You Need To Know When Buying an Individual Long-Term Disability Policy

It is important that not all individual long-term disability insurance plans are the same. Every policy can vary by what defines a disabling condition, if benefits are paid if you can only work part-time and or even if you can work at any job even if you are unable to work in your profession. Therefore it is important to work with a company like Decision Tree Financial who has agents licenced with many of the top disability insurance carriers in the United States.

What Is Your Best Course of Action

You realize that having a plan in place to keep cash flow coming into your house is vital to your long-term financial success. Contact Decision Tree Financial to discuss your plan to replace income if you were to suffer from a long-term disability that prevents you from earning a living.

Disability Insurance is the Most Important Insurance Coverage You Can Own

At Decision Tree Financial, we believe that disability insurance coverage is the most important coverage you can own when you depend on your ability to work to generate and income.