Specialty Disability Insurance


Finding You Protection Others Won’t or Can’t Cover

Sometimes People Can’t Find Disability Coverage From Traditional Insurance Agents

Decision Tree Financial is an insurance brokerage that has disability insurance solutions many other agencies don’t have. If you are in a unique occupation, have a pre-existing condition or can not find adequate coverage to replace your income with a traditional disability insurance company, we can help.


Disability Insurance for Hard to Find Situations

We offer insurance solutions to replace an individuals income, cover business expenses, cover key employees and fund buy-sell agreements that traditional insurance companies will turn down.

Decision Tree Financial can help you find disability insurance coverage for the following situations:*

Personal Disability

  • Individual DI
  • Guaranteed-Issue DI
  • To Age 70
  • High Income Physicians & Surgeons
  • Dentists
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Brokers & Traders
  • Loss of License
  • Blue & Gray Collar
  • Graded Benefit
  • Stock Option
  • Pension Completion
  • Chiropractors
  • Simplified Underwriting
  • Legal Professions

Business Disability

  • Buy Sell
  • Buy-Sell Plus
  • Overhead Expense
  • Key Person
  • Buy In
  • Contract Guarantee
  • Severance
  • Salary Continuation
  • Loan Indemnification

Athlete Disability

  • Draft Protection
  • Racer Cover
  • Pro Jockey
  • Pro Golf

Find Your Best Disability Insurance Solution