Disability Insurance For Blue Collar Professional

Disability Insurance for Blue Collar Professionals

Senior man in warehouse wearing hard hat

Disability insurance coverage for hard working blue collar professionals

Plumbers, carpenters, and electricians, to name a few, fit into this category. The idea of working in an office all day does not appeal to you at all. You make your living in the field working with your hands and feet.

You have workers compensation insurance coverage for injuries and illnesses that are job related but you want to be sure that if something happen outside of work you are covered as well.

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An individual disability plan that would replace a portion of your income. should you have an accident or experience a qualifying illness will help you maintain your independence, provide for your family and keep you moving in a positive direction towards your long-term financial goals while you concentrate on adjusting and getting better.

There are a number of challenges you will have while you explore the coverage you are eligible for and Decision Tree Financial will help you navigate these challenges so that you understand and can make the best decision for you.

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