Disability Insurance For The Super Sales Person

Disability Insurance For the “Super Sales Person

Decision Tree Disability Insurance for sales person

Disability insurance coverage for the “Super Sales Person”

You are the life blood of the organizations you work with. Your skills bring in the revenue that all the other jobs there depend on. Without people like you, nothing is funded and the organization would not exist

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You make an exceptional living helping people get what they want and making deals. You spend countless hours on the phone, conducting video conferences and traveling around your region by air and car.

You work hard and long hours to be successful and a disabling injury or illness could prevent you from accomplishing your goals which can have a devastating effect on your personal income.

If you are self-employed you may not have any disability coverage at all. If you are employed the coverage you have through your employer may only cover the replacement of your token salary and not the extraordinary commissions you received,

An individual disability plan that would replace a significant portion of your income should you have an accident or become ill will help you maintain your independence, provide for your family and keep you moving in a positive direction towards your long-term financial goals while you concentrate on adjusting and getting better.

It is important for you to understand what the definition of disability is in your new policy. Do you receive benefits if you can’t do your job or any job. Maybe the illness or injury you could experience won’t allow you to work in your profession, but you still want to know you can do something to feel productive.

You will want to understand how what an “own occupation” definition in a long-term disability policy means. You will want to understand the concept of “residual disability benefits” vs. “partial disability” if your disabling injury or illness doesn’t require you to stop working completely.

There are a number of other policy factors you will want to consider and Decision Tree Financial will help you navigate these choices so that you understand and can make the best decision for you.

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