Disability Insurance Plans for Recent Graduates

Disability Insurance Plans for Recent Graduates

Decision Tree Disability Insurance for recent graduate

Disability insurance coverage for the Recent Graduates

You have just spent several years and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars learning the knowledge you need to have a successful career. This time and knowledge is your largest asset which should help you earn millions of dollars during your career. 

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However, you earning this money depends on your ability to be able to work. Most disability insurance plans will only insure based on passed earnings buy you are just starting out and don’t have earnings history; just a lot of earning potential.

You are smart and understand that your ability to work is an asset worth protecting. You will want a disability insurance plan that looks at this potential and allows for future benefit increases without showing evidence insurability so that as your income grows, the insurance company underwriting your policy will allow you to increase your benefit periodically.

You also want to understand key policy provisions to know what defines a disability, what happens if you can only work part-time due to an accident or injury and a cost of living adjustment because you are young and know a dollar today will be worth less than an dollar tomorrow.

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