Disability Insurance Solutions For Individuals Working For An Organization

Disability Insurance Solutions For

Individuals Working For An Organization

Decision Tree Disability Insurance for Employees

Disability insurance coverage for Individuals Working For An Organization

You work for an organization. Maybe they provide you some with disability coverage; maybe they do not. If they do provide you with coverage, you understand it may only replace a small portion of your income if you were to suffer a long-term disability.Ā 

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You will need more disability insurance coverage to provide the income you needĀ to continue living if you canā€™t workĀ due to a disabling injury or illness.

If you do have group disability insurance coverage through work, you will want to understand the disabilityĀ coverage you have at work isĀ  portable.Ā  This means you will not be able to continue coverage if you were to leave, and you want to be sure that no matter where you go you have disability insurance coverage to protect your income.

You will want anĀ individual disability policyĀ thatĀ works in conjunction with your group disability insurance planĀ that your organization provides. There is a limit on how much disability insurance will pay should you have a claim so you want to be sure that your personal disability plan provides theĀ maximum allowable benefit.Ā Ā Decision Tree Financial will work with your employers human resources department to design a disability insurance plan the wraps around any existing coverage that you have to provide you with the right amount of coverage.

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