Disability Insurance Solutions for White Collar Professional

Disability Insurance Solutions for White Collar Professional

Decision Tree Disability Insurance for White Collar Professionals

Disability insurance coverage White Collar Professionals

Physicians, Engineers, Lawyers and Architects to name a few. You have spent years training and sharpening your skills in order to earn the income you have created for yourself. You understand your ability to continue to capitalize on your experience depends on your ability to work.

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An individual disability plan that would replace a significant portion of your income in the event you should have an “qualified” accident or illness will help you maintain your independence, provide for your family and keep you moving in a positive direction towards your long-term financial goals while you concentrate on adjusting and getting better.

It will be important for you to understand what the definition of disability is in your new policy. You will want to know, Do I receive benefits if I can’t do MY job or just ANY job?”

Many times, a disabling injury one could experience will not allow them to work in their own profession, but they still may want to know they can do something to feel productive. For example, a surgeon may lose their ability to operate due to a disease like Parkinson’s, however with the right policy they could inspire the next generation of surgeons by teaching in a medical school and receive full disability benefits.

You will want to understand how what an own occupation definition in a long-term disability policy means. You will want to understand the concept of residual disability benefits vs. partial disability if your disabling injury or illness doesn’t require you to stop working completely.

There are several other policy factors you will want to consider and Decision Tree Financial will help you navigate these choices so that you understand and can make the best decision for you.

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