Disability Solutions for an Organization’s Employees

Disability Insurance For Organization’s Employees

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Disability insurance coverage for Organization’s Employees

You are looking for a disability insurance solution for your organization’s employees. You understand that providing short- and long-term disability insurance benefits as part of your organizations group benefit offering is a powerful way to show them you care about their well-being. 

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You understand that providing benefits like group disability is a cost-effective way to provide additional.

There are a number of policy factors you will want to consider and Decision Tree Financial will help you navigate these choices so that you understand and can make the best decision for your employees.

Executive Benefits and Key Person Disability Benefits

You may also be looking for a way to attract, reward and retain key employees in your organization. You understand that their efforts are the key to your organizations success. Decision Tree Financial can help you design executive compensation programs that include disability benefits as a way to attract, reward and retain these key people. We can also help you design key-person disability insurance plans so that if your key employees are no longer able to work, your organization can have the capital needed to weather the storm and continue with its mission.

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