Better Decision When Buying HEALTH INSURANCE

What is Health Insurance

Health insurance is coverage the provides financial protection against the cost of medical care by reimbursing the insured when they need care. Health insurance can pay for hospital care, surgical expenses, physician expenses, medical treatment programs, outpatient care, physical therapy, prescription drug expenses and more.

Health Insurance advisors

Why You Want Health Insurance

Health care is expensive! A trip to the emergency room or a a few nights in the hospital has the potential of costing $1000’s of dollars. Having a good health insurance plan allows you to get the care you need without having to go broke in the process.

Types of Health Insurance Coverage We Can Help You With

Choose The Health Insurance Coverage You Are Looking For Below

Health insurance that guarantees coverage during open-enrollment and the possibility of special tax credits to help pay for it!

Also known as “fee-for-service plans, medical indemnity health insurance pays a fixed benefit amount when you receive health care services regardless of the amount of the actual bill 

Short-term medical plans are a potential cost effective alternative that can provide you with coverage if you can not afford Obamacare or if you missed the open enrollment period and you still want coverage.

When you have a clear understanding of what Medicare path you want to take, we can help you buy the coverage you need. We can help you buy most Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Coverage or Medicare Supplement policy on the market in all 50 states.

Stop worrying about your Medicare Decision! We can tell you exactly what to do about Medicare so you can avoid costly mistakes and have the best health insurance you can when you are eligible for Medicare

Health insurance is a big part of a comprehensive group benefits plan. Find out how we can help you implement, enroll and manage your group benefit program.