Short Term Health Insurance Plans

Short Term Health Insurance Plans

Is a Short-Term Health Insurance Plan Right for You?

If you can’t afford an Obamacare plan, have missed the open-enrollment cutoff period to apply, or need coverage for a short period before you become eligible for other health care coverage you can consider a short-term medical plan to provide you with insurance protection. Compared to Obamacare, short-term medical plans typically require less premium but also provide less coverage. 

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In addition, short-term medical plans will not help you avoid any tax penalties you may be subject to for not carrying health coverage.

At Decision Tree Financial, we believe that you should own health insurance to protect yourself financially from risks that could cause you great financial harm. There is no doubt that a medical condition can happen at anytime requiring $10,000 – $100,000 or even $1,000,000 in claims. Short-term medical plans help you transfer the risk of having a medical condition that could cause you and your family a significant financial burden and do accept applications year-round.  

Situations to Use a Short-Term Health Insurance Plan

Waiting for Group Coverage – Did you start a new job that has a waiting period before health insurance benefits kick in? A Short-term health insurance plan can help!

Waiting for Obamacare – Will it be a few weeks or months before your Obamacare coverage will start. Don’t go without health insurance. Apply for and own a short-term medical plan.

Waiting for Medicare – Are you under 65 and waiting to be eligible to receive Medicare? Short-term medical can be a solution

Need Proof of Insurance – Do you need proof of insurance for something like playing a sport or attending school? A short-term medical plan can be issued quickly and at a price you can afford.

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Short-term medical plans do not meet the requirement of the Affordable Care Ac and may not cover all – or any – of your medical needs, so you will want to read and review your policy’s details carefully before you apply and during the plans free-look period. In addition, purchasing a short-term medical plan may make you ineligible for other health insurance including Obamacare and COBRA