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At Decision Tree Financial, we understand you want to shop for life insurance policies on your own terms. We understand you are looking for information on the internet so you can make your own decision, THE BEST DECISION, about what life insurance policy coverage is right for you. And that is perfect because that is exactly why we exist – To Help People Like You Make Great Financial Decisions!

To help you, we made this video called life insurance 101 to give you a quick introduction to life insurance. Next, we put together a list of people in different phases of their life who bought life insurance so you can relate what others with similar goals have done to accomplish those goals. We also have a free and easy to use life insurance calculator to help you determine the amount of life insurance coverage you need.

Of course, you want to know how much life insurance policy costs, right? Our site also has a free easy to use, no obligation life insurance quote tool that will show you actual term life insurance prices from highly rated life insurance companies that are licensed to offer policies in your state.

If you have more questions, you can journey over to our Wisdom Center to find some great information about life insurance and of course, when you are ready, you can contact us to speak to a licensed life insurance advisor who can get you the answers to any additional questions you have concerning the coverage you want.

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Why Buy Life Insurance Policy?

The main reason people buy life insurance policies is to take care of survivors in the event of a death. The death benefit that life insurance provides helps surviving spouses and children to continue living their lives with dignity. They won’t be forced to sacrifice their lifestyle due to a financial emergency.

If a key employee of a business dies, the life insurance death benefit will allow the business to have choices while dealing with the loss. It can buy the business time and provide the resources needed to attract a replacement, pay expenses if there is a loss of revenue or even find a buyer for the business if that is what the owners chose.

Because life insurance death benefits play such a critical role in keeping families and businesses from poverty, the government has made them 100% income tax-free regardless of the type of policy you buy.  Most of the time, term life insurance is the best solution as it provides the most death benefit protection per dollar of premium. However, permanent life insurance has additional benefits such as no loss provisions on their cash values, disability premium contributions and creditor protection. The premium requirements for permanent life insurance are higher than those of terms life insurance so it is important to understand how both of these impact your overall financial plan.

Decision Tree Financial is available at your convenience to help you navigate the process of buying life insurance. With our help you can be confident in knowing you are making the best decision for your life insurance plan.

Service After You Purchase Policy From Highly Rated Life Insurance Companies.

Decision Tree Financial is all about relationships. When you buy a life insurance policy through us you are part of our community. It doesn’t matter if you meet us online or in person, our people will be there  to help.

You may need to change your premium payment date because you changed jobs, or you may need to change your beneficiary when your priorities change. Most importantly, we will be there for you beneficiaries IF they have a claim because we understand the importance of not having to worry when someone losses a loved one.


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Life Insurance Offered By Decision Tree Financial To Help You Protect What’s Important:

Level Premiums and Guaranteed Death Benefit. Term Life Insurance Provides the Most Death Benefit Protection For Your Money 

Death Benefit Protection, Guaranteed Cash Value and a Slew of Additional Benefits That Can Be Leveraged To Enhance Your Financial Plan

Permanent Death Benefit Protection with Cash Value and Flexible Premium Potential.