The New Way to Buy Life Insurance

Like it or not, COVID-19 has changed the way the world works and that includes how life insurance is purchased. When we started our business back in 2009, most of our clients bought their life insurance after they came into our office or we visited with them at their home or place of business.

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Our clients were able to look us in the eye and feel that the recommendations we were giving them were 100% in their best interest. This gave them the confidence of knowing they were making the best decision for their family or business. We still work the old fashion way in areas where we have agents but…

More and more life insurance policies are being purchased from licensed life insurance agents who could be across the street or could be across the country. That is because it doesn’t matter how far apart we are anymore. Technology allows us to share virtual meeting spaces where you can see the person you are working with, share documents instantly to convey information and sign important documents with apps that weren’t available just a few short years ago. Technology has allowed everyone to save time and makes taking care of this important coverage a breeze. This is how we communicate together to help you buy the policy you want.

Whether of meeting face to face or buying life insurance through virtual meetings, you still need to know you are working with someone you can trust!

Confidence Buying Life Insurance

Every agent on the planet wants to sell you a life insurance policy. After all, it is our business and one of the ways we all make money. At Decision Tree Financial, we understand that you have options and can buy insurance from any licensed agent. That’s why we strive to be different and continually work for your trust.

Most life insurance agencies are only required by law to make recommendations that can help you to accomplish your goals. This is known as the “suitability standard” and means that if there are two or more products that could accomplish your goals but one cost twice as much, with fewer benefits, then the agent fulfills their suitability obligation even when they sell the less efficient, higher cost/lower benefit product. It does help accomplish goals but is not in the client’s best interest.

That isn’t the case at Decision Tree Financial. Our life insurance agents act as fiduciaries in every interaction we have with our clients. This means we are obligated to look at the big picture, filter through the various solutions and then make the BEST recommendations for you so you can make the best decision regarding your life insurance purchase.

We are bound by the Certified Financial Planning board code of ethics and standards because our founder is a Certified Financial Planner and we require all of our agents to hold themselves to these higher standards. In our opinion this is the only way to do business. We live by the Golden Rule and treat every client like we want to be treated.  We give expert financial advice that gives the best odds of success at the lowest overall cost.

How to Work With Decision Tree Financial to Buy Life Insurance

We want you to be an educated consumer and have provided you with a number of tools including:

Ultimately having all the knowledge in the world about life insurance won’t do anything for your beneficiaries (or your own peace of mind) if you don’t put the right life insurance coverage in place. Therefore, when you are ready to buy a life insurance plan, Decision Tree Financial can help you get coverage simple and easily through online meeting services such as Skype or Zoom.

We believe you will want to see the agent who is helping you make this important financial decision. After all, it is your Decision Tree Financial agent who will help you find the right policy and after it is purchased, service your policy into the future.

Most importantly, it is the agent who IF anything happens, will help your beneficiaries file a claim and get the benefit from the policy so it can do what you intended it to do.

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Life Insurance Offered By Decision Tree Financial To Help You Protect What’s Important:

Level Premiums and Guaranteed Death Benefit. Term Life Insurance Provides the Most Death Benefit Protection For Your Money 

Death Benefit Protection, Guaranteed Cash Value and a Slew of Additional Benefits That Can Be Leveraged To Enhance Your Financial Plan

Permanent Death Benefit Protection with Cash Value and Flexible Premium Potential.