Life Insurance to Protect the Family Farm


Why a Farm Owner Wants Life Insurance Coverage

As a farm owner, you work hard every day. You want to protect that hard work for years and be sure that your farm is transferred to the next generation as efficiently as possible. It is expensive to keep your farm running and maintained ā€” costs you want whoever inherits your farm to be able to afford. This is how life insurance can help.

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Life insurance can help protect your farm keeping it in the family by providing your heirs with the cash they will need to pay for expenses farms can incur. From livestock to crops to new facilities and estate taxes that may be due life insurance creates the liquidity needed to pay these expenses so that your farm can continue to operate the way you would want it.

Decision Tree Financial can develop a comprehensive plan to address your retirement and farm succession plan by working with any tax and legal professionals you have to ensure that your farm succession plan is done the way you want it.

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