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At Decision Tree Financial, we help you take control of your financial future with investment strategies that prioritize risk management, reduce costs, and increase returns. 

Our Investment Strategies

Low Cost Index Investing Asset Allocation

Our Asset Allocation Strategy emphasizes a balanced approach to risk management, utilizing low-cost ETFs and mutual funds to create a diversified portfolio tailored to your needs. By distributing your investments strategically, we minimize risk and optimize returns, while maintaining management fees well below industry standards. Keep more of your hard-earned money as you confidently invest in a carefully designed and cost-effective portfolio. Learn more…

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"Invest" with Decision Tree Financial

Invest with Decision Tree Financial

Our Intelligent & Nimble Versatile Equity Strategy with Treasuries will prove you don’t need to put all of your money at risk to generate stock market returns. This means that you have unlimited upside potential, down-side protection for times when the market crashes and CASH to take advantage of buying opportunities when the stock market is oversold. Learn More

The "COINS" Investment Strategy

The Casino Options INsurance Selling Strategy Sells “gambling chips” to greedy investors and “insurance to worried investors.” We underwrite the stock market using technical indicators rigging the odds in your favor so time is on your side to make money in any stock market condition by selling options to generate premium income on your portfolio while simultaneously protecting it from catastrophic losses. Learn More 

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Turn The Tables On Wall Street and Beat Them At Their Own Game

Learn The Secret Wall Street Doesn't Want You To Know

Environment, Social, Governance Investing

ESG Investing

Sometimes, investing just to earn a rate of return isn’t enough. Sometimes, you want your investment allocated into companies who believe what you believe and want to create a world the way you want it too. Learn more…